Twiddle Muffs

Hey Guys!!

I’m hoping you’re here because you want to help us make Twiddle Muffs.

What is a Twiddle Muff? You may be asking. I’ll tell you.

A Muff (short for muffler) is like a big hand warmer. It’s shaped like a tube, and has openings on both ends. But, what makes Twiddle Muffs different from regular muffs is that they have things, like buttons and ribbons, tied inside and outside.

But why?! I hear you ask.

These muffs are donated and gifted to patients with Dementia or Alzheimer’s to keep for free. They help calm and soothe by giving them something to fiddle and twiddle with.

So, how do I make one?!

Here’s the Link for the  Twiddle Muffs Pattern. This is the knit version. You can also crochet it, just follow finished size for a guide.

What do I do when I’ve finished one?

You can either bring it to one of our meet ups, on 1st and 3rd Fridays between 7pm and 8:45pm at the Voorhees Library (Give it to Rachel or Stevie) Or you can contact Brett Summerville directly. His information is in the pattern.

Thank you to all who participate. There are lots of people who appreciate all your hard work.