Newbie Info

New to the world of Yarn craft? Noooo Problem!

We love beginners, how else does this craft survive!

If you are planning to attend your first group meeting and already know how to Yarn (aka-knit, crochet, needle point, tat, etc….) bring your project and work away.  Our group has many different skills and love to get feed back from others on new project ideas and see your works.

If you are a total beginner, first let me welcome you to our community. Next you wonder what to bring to a meeting and how to get started….


Any Worsted Weight yarn.  When reading a yarn label look for the image of a yarn skein and the number 4.  This can be either cotton or acrylic, should feel soft in your hands.medium


TOOLS:    [choose one skill to start; add another later]

Knitting needles size 7, 8, or 9; recommend either wood product or plastic;  a circular needle with a cable length at least 32″ OR straight needles approx 10″ (longer will be too cumbersome and short will be too awkward)

Crochet hook size H, I, or K – material should be aluminum.

YOU may also want to pick up some removable stitch markers (the look like little safety pins but have no coil and are plastic).

Also bring along a favorite project bag to keep it all together (zip top bags work amazingly well).

Pattern: if you have something you know you would like to work on, bring that and we can teach you the skills to get it going.  IF you just want to learn the basics then you wont need anything else, we got you covered!