Next pattern syndrome

Are you always thinking about the project  you’ll work on while working the one on your needles/hook?  Sad but true, I admit I do too.  Well especially when the project you are working on seems to take forever.

Hi my name is ……. and I am a pattern hoarder! Yup, I troll the lovely Internets and look for the next great idea WHILE I am working on my current one.

Now that said, I am finally finishing up a long but easy to work on project, and while taking one of many breaks, I perused the book of patterns this current one came in, and found, re-found, several I want to work up next…

The ‘problem’ is which one to choose. I know some of you are of the opinion that you can never have too many projects in the works at one time, but see I was only born with 2 hands and so I can only work on one at a time.  That does not stop my brain from reeling with new crazy possibilities to work on next….

For my next project, I think I will be slightly modifying a childs size dress that is written to be worked as front, back and sleeves, to be knit in the round as one piece with short row sleeves.

That all said, how many projects would you be willing to cast on at one time (using many sets of needles and hooks, of course!)??????

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