Winter and projects

I dont know about you, but the cold locks me up inside and tries to keep me there….

I find myself perusing the latest videos and blogs of other yarners looking for the next great project idea.

Recently one of our members stated that it was time to learn a new skill.  She had been admiring the posts we put on facebook and the one on double knitting spoke up!

So the month of February we will be featuring the skills needed to double knit!

You will need:

  • 2, yes TWO, different colored yarns.  I suggest starkly contrasting yarns like black and white to make things easy
  • Yarns weight recommended for beginners should be Worsted No. 4 or higher
  • Knitting Needles to fit your yarn: Size US 7 or 8 for worsted 9 or 10 for bulky
  •  and patience.  This is NOT a complicated skill but it is made to look hard.

If you can do the KNIT stitch, and the PURL stitch, YOU CAN DOUBLE KNIT!

There are several videos out on youtube, and I have linked a few i recommend.

I will say this is NOT a beginner knitters project, rather the level of the basic to intermediate skill.

The only other skill you will need is the ability to read a chart. Ok, dont get all upset, this too is not as complicated as it is made out to be.  Bring your tools and materials and be prepared to be de-mystified Friday night!


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